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The Turin auto manufacturer, with characteristic oval logo on a red background, was a large business, with 500 employees and an annual production of over 250 cars. It produced new technology and champion motor racing drivers: Diatto won over 500 races worldwide in 20 years of competitive racing. This chapter tells the story of those years, with documents and eye witness accounts. The tone of the quotations reflects the 1920s and the approach of Fascism, becoming increasingly emphatic
and rhetorical.

Diatto dedicated itself to automobiles, racing, and winning.


      From the Diatto-Bugatti racing cars to the “Type  26” Maserati: Diatto, the genesis of a myth

300 times on the podium: with the great champions such as Maserati, Nuvolari, Brilli Peri, De Sterlich, Meregalli…….

Bugatti-Diatto, Status-Symbol Automobiles: aeronautical engines, cars and winning racing cars

From the Diatto racing cars evolved the Maseratis: the Type 26 are the former Diatto 8C Gran Prix compressor

Extraordinary historical background: a 2000 magazine pages of historical value ready for  press campaigne

Technological supremacy:  1850 – the perfectioned wheel, 1920 – gears, braking assembly, feeding assembly……all patented

Performance supremacy: in 1919 and in 1926, the Diattos are the fastest Italian “2-litre” current model cars on the market

Excellence of style: the classic design of the Diatto radiator  with its straight line, its low chassis, the elegant body-work  ………….became widespread by many

Nobility and luxury:  1911/1927, the Diatto is the Official Supplier of the Royalty House.  Enzo Ferrari is among its first clients.

Prestigeous trade mark:  the competitive advantige marked ‘Not reproducible’, inherent  in its sporting tradition.  Stong image appeal and commercial advantage thanks to the cultural importance of the campaign

1905-2005, foundation centenary: an out-of-common historical background, a value many automobile trade marks can only long for.  The investments  made to advertise and make its extraordinary history known to the public at large are  rewarding considering its Unequalled Competitive Advantage.

A longed-for market for the GT Sports-cars: a unique opportunity of an Authoritative Access to the segments of major profits and better image.

Trade mark registered in 5 continets:  a unique opportunity of a  complete commercial exploitation, ranging from the road, sea and air means of transport to the luxury goods; registered Internet domains.

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